How to view Private Instagram Profiles/Accounts Photos & Videos

Do you want to view a private Instagram profile? Maybe you have a crush on someone, and you wish to see their photos on social media- Instagram to be specific. If your answer to the above question was yes, then you have stumbled upon the right article. Instagram is one of the most popular social network platforms after Facebook. It has almost a billion active users every month. This Facebook owned photo sharing platform is for uploading photos and videos and share with your friends and followers. It is the best platform to discover new people and see their life through beautiful photos uploaded by the account owner.

Because Instagram has so many users, it is understandable that Instagram has many security and privacy settings. One of the most popular privacy features that many Instagram users are familiar with is its private account. What is a private Instagram profile, you ask? There are two types of Instagram profiles. 1. Public account 2. Private account. A public profile is one where anyone can check photos and videos uploaded by the account owner without even following. One can also check stories of a public profile without following. The private profiles, however, the complete opposite of public account. To check photos, videos as well as stories posted by the account, one has to be a follower of the Instagram profile. To follow a private Instagram profile, one has first to send a follow request, and only when the user approves the follow request, then the photos and videos will be visible.

Best ways to view private Instagram profile photos and videos

How to View Private Instagram Photos and Videos

If you stumbled upon a private account and want to view photos and videos shared by that Instagram users, then what would you do? In this article, we will share 4 methods to view Private Instagram user profile and account photos and videos. So, let’s get started.

1. legitimate Way- Send a Follow Request

Send Follow Request

The most legitimate way one can view private Instagram users photos and videos is by sending a follow request. Getting accepted won’t be an issue as long as you have a personal connection with the person. Once the user has approved your follow request, you will be able to see all the photos and videos the protected users posted overtime on Instagram. This is the best and the safes way to see a protected IG account. Again this method requires some kind of personal connection with the user beforehand.

Send DM

If the person doesn’t know or can not remember you, then in that scenario, your follow request might not get approved. What you can do is send the person a DM(Direct Message) to let them know who you are. This is a very effective way of getting approved as the person you are trying to follow will feel that you have gone an extra mile to get approved.

2. Not So Effective Way- Use Image Search Engine

What if the person you want to follow doesn’t know you and didn’t approve your follow request? In that scenario, image search engine services like Google Images and others can be a savior. Even though this method won’t allow full access to the users protected profile; you can still be able to find a few photos posted by the user.

How does this method work?

Search engine sites like Google can not crawl protected profiles on Instagram, but there is a chance that the person had his/her account public at some point before making the profile private. If that is the case, then there is a high chance that Google has some photos of that profile when the account was public. Another possibility is that most Instagram accounts are linked with its Facebook account, and most Facebook accounts are public. In that scenario, Google might have a few photos of that person from Facebook and Instagram combined.

How to Use this Method of Seeing Photos From Private Instagram Profile?

  1. Copy the username of the private Instagram account.
  2. Open Google or other search engines like Bing and Yahoo and paste the username in the search box.
  3. Hit search. Then select the image tab to see if Google or other search engine has any photos of that Instagram user.

How Effective is This Method?

This method is not reliable at all. It relies heavily on the possibility that the account was public at some point. What if the profile was never public to begin with? So, do not keep your hopes high with this method.

3. Not So Legitimate Way- Create Fake Instagram Account

This is a controversial method to access photos and videos posted by a protected Instagram profile. There is no doubt that this is against IG policy, even if it was not, it is still unethical. But if you badly want to view private users profile, this can be a way.

Make sure to create a profile that looks real. Here are a few tips for you to follow to increase the chance of your approval.

  1. Create a profile with a display picture of a girl. Why girl? We assume that you are trying to view a female Instagram users profile. Creating a fake female profile will show trust. A girl would rather show her profile to a random girl than a random dude.
  2. Make sure your profile looks real. Add a few phots of girls, add a strong bio, and make sure you have few followers on the fake account before sending the follow request.
  3. You can also keep your profile private; this will create curiosity and improve the chance of getting approved.
  4. If you do not get approved, send a simple DM with something small and simple that a girl would say to another girl.

4. Not Recommended- Online Instagram Viewers Tool

You must have come across many online tools that claim to show you private accounts for free. They advertise their tools as the best way to access hidden Instagram profiles for free without any payments, no survey, and no effort. It might sound intriguing and convincing, but unfortunately, none of them work. They make people fill surveys or other campaigns to be able to access the tools. Most of the surveys also require you to fill your financial details. This is a classic method of phishing to make you give up your financial information which they can misuse later.

Instagram Private Account Viewer Tools

Most tools also ask you to link your Instagram accounts. This can be a major security risk as they can access all of your account details, including your private messages. The best advice I can give you is that stay away from those online tools. They can scam you money or worse access your private data.

There are no such tools that can achieve what you are looking here – viewing private Instagram accounts.


There you have it! A detailed guide to view protected Instagram accounts photos and videos. These are all the working methods you can apply to get access to a private profile. As I said earlier, do not fall for online tools which claim to be able to unblock private IG posts. There are no such tools which can accomplish that. Feel free to share this post with your friends, family members, and those who were looking for ways to access Instagram restricted profile posts. We hope you liked this post, if you have any question, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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