Top 8 Websites to Edit Your Academic Papers & Run Efficient Plagiarism Checks

The cost of plagiarism is quite high in academic circles. It is paramount for students themselves to ensure that their papers are devoid of any errors. They must pass any authenticity test proposed by the university. Otherwise, one might even get expelled.

Fortunately, the internet provides solutions in the form of plagiarism checkers. Some deliver extremely accurate results within seconds, some don’t work that well. But they do the job anyway.

Here are the top editing and plagiarism tools that will help you ace any academic assignment.

1. EssayPro 

It is undeniable that no editing tool can replace the power of human editing. EssayPro’s services come with over a decade of experience in the academic niche. They offer writing and proofreading services to students. EssayPro also provides editing and even plagiarism tests.

Students can submit their paper to academic writers at to do thorough proofreading, citations checks, and an authenticity test on the most sophisticated plagiarism software. An EssayPro approved academic writing certainly comes with a top-grade assurance.

2. Grammarly 

Grammarly has become an indispensable tool in writing. Be it for typing emails or editing a research paper, everybody who works with content uses it. The software is the best on the market for proofreading. It comes with multiple customization features to choose from. Users can set their writing styles to casual, technical, and the expertise for the tool to suggest changes accordingly.

Grammarly premium also comes with a plagiarism tool. It checks your writing, comparing it with millions of other web pages. The highlight of Grammarly is that you can use it as a browser extension to do real-time check while you type. All in all, the tool is of great help to correct mistakes that even expert writers tend to overlook.

3. UniCheck

UniCheck is another cloud-based plagiarism editor suited for both business and educational purposes. It is used by dozens of educational institutions. The tool identifies duplicate text compared to web pages and open source libraries. It offers remarkable accuracy using an algorithm that breaks down large paragraphs into smaller sequences.

This software can pinpoint the references when mentioned in the correct academic format. As of now, Unicheck supports the most common citation styles, including MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago. Users can also download a report of plagiarized content to make the changes.

4. Plagramme

Plagramme offers a report showing the similarities between documents and web content. Different colored highlights are used to inform users. The correctly cited content is in green, paraphrased is in orange, and improper references show up in purple. The detection of paraphrased plagiarism allows you to verify the content even more.

The software also includes links to the matched sources. It significantly eases the correction process for users. Apart from that, Plagramme looks into content in different languages.

5. Copyscape 

Copyscape has a reputation as one of the most accurate plagiarism tools on the internet. The premium version comes at a very reasonable rate of five cents per page. Each check comes with a list of links that match your content. Even the text in sources is highlighted for your convenience. The system lists out the not only exact matches but also partial and paraphrased texts.

Copyscape is ideal for checking content already posted on the website by pasting the URL in the search box. The tool also comes equipped for multilingual checks.

6. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a perfect tool for those seeking thorough content analysis. It highlights different types of errors and recommends alternatives that suit the content better. The software can fix issues with the writing style by eliminating mistakes. It utilizes the contextual thesaurus to suggest vocabulary changes.

The website can work independently or be used as a browser extension or plugins. This tool provides detailed reports, and also a guide on improving writing for students.

7. StyleWriter

This editing software is designed by professional editors. It uses expert proofreaders’ techniques to help you write with brevity and readability. StyleWriter offers grammar and spell-checks along with suggestions to avoid cliches and jargon. The website is particularly useful for students with literary majors to work on their writing techniques.

You can further opt for personalized editing and proofreading to maintain the individual writing style rules. The website also offers statistics and ratings for you to become a better writer.

8. PlagScan

This website is used widely among academic institutions to weed out plagiarism. PlagScan does not just rely on other web content to check your text. It also compares it with scholarly journals and internal repositories. Like other tools, it offers an interactive report with clickable links.

The software requires a paid plan. Yet, it can be highly beneficial for students. While it is comparatively expensive, Plagscan is claimed to be worth the cost.

It is becoming inevitably significant to check for plagiarism before turning in your academic assignments. Colleges are stiffening their policies, and a mistake can follow you into the future. So do not feel disinclined to use these efficient tools to guarantee authenticity.

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