Top 7 Apps for Android to Enhance Your Security Online

Are you worried about your security online? You have every right to be. Nowadays, you’re facing more security threats than ever before.

According to Risk Based Security research, over 4.1 billion records were exposed only in the first six months of 2019. There’s no doubt that the first half of 2020 is going to be as challenging. Luckily, you can enhance your online security by using these seven apps for Android devices.

1. Lookout

Lookout is a convenient security app that allows you to scan all apps and websites your data comes in contact with. It can prevent virus and malware infections at a quite successful rate. It predicts threats and stops them before they evolve into serious issues.

On top of that, Lookout can back up your data to its servers as a part of its anti-theft features. Speaking of theft, the tracking feature of this app will save the location of your device in case it gets stolen.

2. 360 Security

360 Security is a unique Android app designed to boost your phone’s performance.

Like Lookout, it has efficient scanning and security features. But this app also helps to maintain proper data management by compressing photos and files as well as eliminating duplicates. It will save space on your device and ensure your Android operates smoothly and without flaws.

360 Security will also help keep your device in good shape. It has a free battery diagnosis and provides tips to maintain good battery health.

3. NordVPN

Nord VPN

NordVPN is a reliable virtual private network service provider available for all Android devices. The app allows users to connect to VPN servers which encrypt their traffic before sending it to their online destination.

Besides extra security, a VPN can help you access geo-restricted content. It masks your real IP address and replaces it with the address of a VPN server in a chosen location.

NordVPN takes pride in providing high-quality services. It also has flexible pricing plans and a user-friendly interface. Cybersecurity experts recommend using a VPN any time you connect your device to a public network.

4. AppLock

It’s not only the online threats you should consider when thinking about the security of your Android phone. Physical threats, such as intruders accessing your device, still exist too.

Using a screen lock on your Android phone is essential. But you can take an extra step and add another layer of security by using AppLock.

This app allows you to protect individual apps with pins or patterns. That way, you can lock your chats, galleries, or social media applications using an extra password. If someone gets ahold of your lock screen password, they still won’t be able to access the most important apps on your device.

5. Signal Private Messenger

Encrypted messaging apps can help protect the data and files you share with other people.

Signal is a private messaging application that provides end-to-end encryption features. It adds an extra layer of security by encrypting everything you send to the other person. What’s great about Signal is that it can encrypt your messages even if the person on the other end is not using the same app.

Other encrypted messaging apps you can use include WhatsApp and Telegram.

6. KeePass Password Manager

Passwords are often the most vulnerable part of any network or device. The KeePass password manager can help you manage all your passwords in one secure location. That way, you can store many passwords and stop using the one for all your accounts. KeePass password manager lets you use one master code to protect all your login credentials. Thus, it boosts the security of your online accounts.

7. Secure Call

Last but not least, another app you should check out is Secure Call. As the name suggests, this app secures your calls so that no one can listen in on them.

It is similar to the private messaging app, except that in this case, it’s end-to-end encryption for private calls.

Hackers and third parties intercept phone calls more often than you think. You can protect your private calls by installing Secure Call and activating the app on your Android device.

Secure Your Android Device

Online security apps come in many shapes and forms. There are plenty of apps you should use to secure your device. Nowadays, antivirus programs are not enough.

Use password managers, VPN apps, and private messengers. If you haven’t used any of the apps listed above, it’s time to secure your Android device. Make sure you keep your data protected in 2020.

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