5 Tips to Prepare A Creative Presentation

Power-point Presentations have grown to become one of the key components when presenting any idea in an impressive manner. Be it the corporate world or the academics, everyone perceives a good presentation as a properly jotted down idea or plan. But the key to being effective is to create creative presentations that connect with the audience and grabs their focus. Boring or unpolished presentations generally leave a negative impact. Here are 5 tips for preparing a Creative presentation.

Plan and Brainstorm

The best point to begin preparing a presentation is to start by jotting down all ideas that come into your head. This should be done in the form of a dedicated brainstorming session before you start putting things on a slide. This may include your own knowledge and also basic information collected from online sources and specialists. The ideas should then be arranged in the form of a plan that will provide a guideline to follow.

Explore designs

Once you have done some brainstorming, you have a fair idea of the topic that you are going to make a presentation on. This gives you the right perspective to start searching for the design. Although some people believe designs are not important, it has been proven to be a contributing factor in grabbing and retaining the attention of the audience. You can explore online templates, charts, and more complex graphic tools such as Figma, Canva, Prezi, Adobe Photoshop, etc. You might consider adding some moving animations or Gifs to add more creativity. On that note do you know what happened to the biggest database of Gifs, Giphy?

Assemble Content

Once you have the design and a basic idea of topics that you want to cover in your presentation, the next step is to combine this. This step would require you to research further on topics that you jotted down previously. Another thing to consider is to maintain a flow of the presentation. For instance, you would want to begin with an introduction and end with a conclusion. Similarly, you would first want to list down your sub-topics and then go ahead with explaining them further.

Add notes

It is advised to not fill your slides with too much content and reading from your slides is also not recommended. The content should majorly be delivered while presenting your presentation. In order to cover the topics, it is a good practice to add notes to each of the slides that would remind you to cover certain topics as you explain your presentation. Before the final review, check whether you have followed these smart ways to come up with interesting presentations!

Final Draft Review

The most important thing to do is to proof-read all content you have added to the presentation and to confirm that the graphic elements are in place. It can also be helpful to get a peer or superior to review your presentation so that you can get an external opinion. This can often help discover topics that were previously missed.

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