5 Pieces of Software You Should Have Both on Home and Work PCs

How reliable is your computer setup nowadays? Are you satisfied with the security performance of your device or the range of programs you have installed? This list of essential software will inspire you to enrich your PC with new apps.

Here are five pieces of software you should install on both home and work computers.

1. Cloud Storage: Dropbox


Cloud storage solutions will come in handy for both personal and work devices. For one, it offers a convenient way to share files online. Moreover, cloud storage also provides a backup solution in case of data loss of any kind.

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage providers that offers 2GB of free storage. You can also get more space by referring friends and getting them on board with the program.

Dropbox also offers a variety of pricing plans for extra storage space, as well as apps designed for every major platform. With a cloud storage app on your device, you’ll be able to access your files anywhere at any time.

2. Antivirus: Malwarebytes


Malwarebytes is secondary security software that will come in handy in combination with the default defense systems on your PC.

Most operating systems come with pre-installed security software. But these default programs are often not enough to protect the PC from a wide variety of digital threats. A little help from third-party applications, such as Malwarebytes, can go a long way.

Malwarebytes has a free version that can scan the entire system for malware and viruses. This third-party software can catch threats that the default antivirus misses out. You can also choose to upgrade Malwarebytes to the paid version for extra features.

3. Virtual Private Network: NordVPN

Nord VPN

A virtual private network app is a great addition to your security system, especially if you spend lots of time online. A service such as NordVPN can make an enormous difference when it comes to online security. A VPN masks your original IP address and replaces it with the address of a VPN server you connect to. That way, all your personal details and online activities remain hidden from third parties on the web.

NordVPN will come in handy for accessing geo-restricted content and securing your browsing on the internet. For work, you may want to use their VPN product for businesses — NordVPN Teams. It can help companies to secure each employee’s device. They can also connect them to the corporate network when employees work away from the office.

4. Communication: Franz Messaging

Both personal and professional devices need a messaging system for you to communicate with other users. If you use more than one platform, Franz Messaging will help you stay organized. It keeps all essential messaging apps in one place.

Franz Messaging brings together different messaging services, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, GroupMe, Hangouts, and others. The software adds a new tab for each new service you add to the group. That way, you can keep up with all your contacts from one single window on the PC. It means fewer distractions and less time wasted going through different apps.

5. Media Player: VLC


Last but not least, any device should have a versatile media player on board. The VLC media player is a solid solution for this demand.

YouTube and other online content platforms have made it easier to watch videos on any device. But it doesn’t mean you won’t ever need to use a media player. In fact, if you receive a video that you need to download, you will need a compatible media player on the device to load the file.

The VLC media player is an excellent fit because it is capable of playing every type of video and audio format out there. It saves you a ton of time in case you need to deal with media directly on the device.

Create the Perfect Virtual Environment

Nowadays, a computer represents a virtual environment where people often spend more than six hours per day. That’s especially true if it is a part of their job to use a PC. How you choose to customize this virtual environment is up to you.

Don’t forget to take care of your PC. Remove any unused programs and replace them with convenient storage and communication solutions. And don’t underestimate security software, such as malware scanners and VPNs.

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