Apple Announces iOS 13: Here are all the New Features Coming to iPhones

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference that Apple hosts every year is a keynote address where Apple announces a bunch of new features, products, and what is happening in the company. This year’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2019 has been one of the key keynote delivery for Apple, where they have announced some interesting features and products. Some of the most interesting highlights from the WWDC 2019 have been its new Mac Pro, iPad OS, New MacOS, and like every year, a new iOS operating system. iOS 13 has been unveiled along with all the new features that are coming to the iPhones. The new iOS 13 has quite a few amazing features that have got Apple fans excited. Here in this post, let’s see some of the most interesting and few most anticipated iOS features on the brand new iOS 13.

Top iOS 13 Features

Top iOS 13 Features

1. Dark Mode

Yes! The dark mode is finally coming to iPhones with the iOS 13 update. And it looks gorgeous. iPhone users for years now have been asking Apple to introduced dark mode to the iPhones. It took them 2 years to finally bring the dark mode to iPhone users. Apple has done a great job implementing the dark mode to iOS. You can either enable the dark mode manually or schedule it to be enabled with sunset and disabled again with the sunrise.

Dark mode on iOS 13

The dark mode is available system-wide. Apple also showcased a few apps that support dark mode, and all of them looks stunning. Apple is also letting third-party app developers implement the dark mode to their apps. That means you can expect to see more and more apps switching to dark mode shortly.

2. Speed Optimization

With every new iOS update, Apple is making the phone faster with optimization. This update is no different. According to Apple, iOS 13’s face id unlocking is 30% faster than that of iOS 12. Apple also claims that the iOS 13 app launch is 2 times faster than the previous iteration of iOS. There is also 50% and 60% smaller packages of app downloads and app updates, respectively. That means app downloads and update is much faster now than earlier.

3. Maps

Maps on iOS 13

Much like dark mode, Apple has built the maps app on iOS from the ground up. The new Apple Map on iOS now has more data, a refined look, and many exciting features. One of the most cheered features Apple introduced is called Look Around. It is almost like Google Street View, where you can get a 360 degree 3D experience of any place and street. Another useful feature coming to the Maps app is the option to share estimated arrival time to your loved one.

4. New Keyboard

Apple is finally adding swipe typing to the iPhone with its new default keyboard. Apple is calling this keyboard Quick Path keyboard. With Quick Path keyboard, you can swipe across the keys to type. Earlier to use swipe typing you had to use third-party keyboard apps like Gboard or Swiftkey. But now you can do that with the stock keyboard on ios 13.

5. New Reminder App

iOS 13 Reminders app features

Reminder app on iOS 13 also got a revamp. First of all, it got a whole new UI that looks amazing — also whole lots of features that will make this app smarter and more useful. Now you can tag and filter reminders with options like today, scheduled, flagged, and more. The app is also smarter now. At the time of adding the reminder, it can also suggest the time when you might want to get the reminder. Another feature is that now you can also tag a contact to a reminder which will remind you when you are having a conversation with the same contact.

6. Sign in With Apple

Sign In With Apple iOS 13 new feature

Security is among the top priority at Apple. They have taken many steps in the past to protect the privacy of the users. Apple has gone one step forward with the ‘Sign in With Apple’ option. Now you can sign in to most third-party apps with Apple account just like you do with Google and Facebook. The only difference is that there is no tracking whatsoever. Apple will make sure no app is tracking your info. Apple will also generate fake email ID for you and share that with the app instead of your real email. This is a real game changer.

7. Photos App

Photos App on iOS 13 is also getting an update. Apart from a new UI, Photos app also getting new features and loads of machine learning. Now it can automatically organize all your photos in tabs, remove duplicate photos, show photos, and videos captured in a particular date. There are now couples of photo modes at the bottom of the screen. First one is “All Photos” mode, which will show you all the photos you have taken. The 2nd one is ‘Days’ mode; this one will show you the best photo you have taken each day. The ‘Months’ mode will show the best photo taken in that particular month and the ‘Year’ mode will show the best photo of the year.

Photos app is also now coming with new editing tools for both images and videos. In fact, this is the first time that iOS is supporting video editing natively. It has many editing tools to make your photo and video look good.

Many other features are coming to iOS 13. Here are a few more features that you can get when you install the latest iOS 13 on your iPhone.

Siri new voice: Siri on iOS 13 is coming with a new voice. The new voice sounds more human than its previous version.

Memoji: Apple is introducing a few more characters and editing features for Memoji. You can add piercing to your Memoji; you can also add Airpods to the Memoji. So, all the Memoji fans out there, now you can showcase a few more characters to your friends and family.

Camera: Camera app on iOS 13 is also getting an update. Now you can adjust the intensity and position of studio lights while capturing portrait photos.

Shared Audio: Apple has introduced a new feature to the iOS 13 called ‘Shared Audio.’ This is like audio splitting but for the Airpods. You can now share whatever you are listing on your iPhone via Airpods with another person with iPhone and Airpods.

There you have it, a walkthrough of new iOS 13 and all the features it comes with. We have discussed all the important new features of iOS 13. If you are planning to install iOS 13 Developer Beta, then these are all the features you can expect to see on your iPhone. If you want to know the full features of iOS, then you can read from here. I hope you liked this article and found it helpful. Please share this article with your friends if you did. Which feature did you like the most? Please tell us in the comment section below.

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