How to Get Dark Mode For Gmail App on Desktop and Android

Dark mode or dark theme as many people like to call it is the latest trend in the digital world. Many apps and services are now focusing on offering dark mode on their apps and websites. In the dark mode, you have a black or gray background with white text and other contents. These kins of UI design is super popular now. It is not just about how good it looks it also helps you save battery and known to be very pleasant on the eye. Everything looks clear and sharp in the dark mode. Many studies, including one conducted by Google, proves that dark mode helps save battery. Following this survey, many apps and service providers are focusing on dark theme. Many services like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Google News, Google Phone app for Android, Google Messages app for Android, G-board, and more have launched dark mode. Many other services like WhatsApp testing a dark mode which will be launched soon.

get Gmail dark mode on Android and desktop

One app and website that is yet to be launched with a dark theme is Gmail, which users are waiting eagerly. There is no official word when Google will shift its focus on Google to add night mode. No one knows if Google will even launch dark mode for Gmail. But there are workarounds for this problem. In this article, we will show you how you can enable Gmail dark mode on Android and desktop computer.

How to Enable Dark Mode for Gmail on Desktop Computer

Enabling dark mode on computer browser is very easy, and it has been there for years now. Just follow the below steps one by one, and at the end of it, you will have a dark themed Gmail for desktop computers.

Step-1. Open your favorite browser and go to Login to your Gmail account if you are not already.

Step-2. On Gmail, you can see a gear (⚙️) icon. Click on that and then click on ‘Themes.’

dark theme for gmail desktop-1

Step-3. Here you will find many themes for Gmail. Just scroll down and select the ‘dark’ theme and click save.

dark theme for gmail desktop-2

Congratulation, now you have a working dark mode enabled Gmail for your computer desktop.

dark theme for gmail desktop-3

How to Enable Gmail Dark Mode for Android

Unfortunately for Android, there is no dark theme option for Gmail. We don’t know when will Google bring this feature for Android app. There are few workarounds, though, and to be honest, they are not reliable. I am going to share them anyway for anyone looking to take a peek at what Gmail might look like when finally Google launches dark mode for Android Gmail app.

1. Substratum Theme Engine

Substratum is a theming engine for Android which lets you apply system-wide theme. Themes applied using Substratum engine applies to both system apps as well as third-party apps. There are many themes for Substratum, which you can apply to give your smartphone UI a refreshing look. One such theme skin is Swift Black, which allows you to enable a system-wide dark theme, including Gmail.

Night mode for Gmail android- Substratum

While it is possible to enable dark mode for Gmail using Substratum theme engine, the problem lies with Substratum. The app is known to be very unpredictable. Also, you would require to root your phone in order to make this app work. For this reason, very few people use the Substratum theming engine.

2. Blue Mail

Blue Mail is a third party email client app for Android. With this app, you can log in with your Gmail account to receive and send Emails without using the Gmail app. Once you allow all the permission, this app replaces your Gmail app and lets you send, receive, and reply to your Gmail emails. There are many email app clients, but none offer dark mode. Blue Mail has a dark mode option, which looks very beautiful.

Night mode for Gmail android- Blue Mail

I know using a third party email app for dark mode is not as Gmail dark mode; it is still better than nothing. I have used this app, and I could only find this app with dark mode option. If you have used any other email app with dark mode, please let us know in the comment section.


These are all the working methods to get Gmail dark theme for desktop and Android app. Until Google launches dark mode for Gmail officially, these are the best ways you can access night mode on Gmail. If you know any other method to enable dark mode, let us know in the comment section.

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