How to Install New Microsoft Edge Browser Based on Chromium

Back in 2015, Microsoft had launched a new browser along with the Windows 10 OS. With this browser, Microsoft had promised a lot of new features, and they did. But the browser wasn’t able to make people as excited as the Microsoft would have expected. That is why last year Microsoft had announced that they are working on a new version of Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium rendering engine. For those who don’t know what Chromium is, it is basically a rendering engine that converts HTML, CSS, PHP, Java and all those codes to a useable user interface. Chromium is what Google Chrome browser is based on. This move by Microsoft has created a lot of buzz among tech communities because for long Google and Microsoft have been rivals. Even a few years back, Microsoft had published a case study showing how Microsoft Edge is better than Google Chrome.

Anyway, with the announcement of Microsoft working with Google to bring a new Edge browser based on Chromium made people excited. Microsoft also hopes that this move will encourage more and more people to Edge browser. To fulfill this commitment, Microsoft has recently allowed people to test their all new Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium. If you are excited to know what the future Microsoft Edge browser will look like then here in this article, we will teach you how you can install all new Microsoft Edge Browser for your Windows PC. It is also worth mentioning that the browser is still under beta that means you will face some bug here and there. All this will solve once the stable version gets released.

Install Microsoft Edge Chromium

How to Install Microsoft Edge Browser Based on Chromium

Despite what many people believe, downloading the developer version of the browser is not that hard. Just follow the below steps one by one, and you will have a working Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser at the end of this tutorial.

1.Follow this link and choose a channel. There are three channels for you to choose from.

  • Beta Channel– Beta Channel is supposed to be more stable. At the time of writing this article, Beta Channel is not released yet.
  • Dev Channel– This is the Developer Build which gets a new update every week.
  • Canary Channel– This is the build for those who want to see what Microsoft is working every day.
Choose Download Channel

In our testing, we found that Dev Channel is more appropriate because it has lesser bugs that Canary Channel. If the Beta Channel is available when you are reading this article, then go for the Beta Channel.

2. Click on the Download button right below your preferred channel. A setup file will be downloaded.

3. Run the Setup file and follow the on-screen instruction. Now, wait until the setup downloads the browser for you. If you are familiar with Google Chrome browser installer, then you will see the process is similar.

Run Installer for Chromium Edge Browser

4. Setup will install the browser after downloading. You don’t have to do anything at this moment.

The browser will open itself after the installation.

Microsoft Edge Browser based on Chromium

Now you have an Edge browser running Chromium rendering engine. You can verify that your Edge is running Chromium by going to Settings> About Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Browser based on Chromium

Another striking feature of the Google Chrome browser is that its massive extension availability. If you pair the Google Chrome browser with its extensions from Chrome store, you can do a lot. Fortunately, Microsofts’s new Edge browser will now also support Google Chrome Extensions.

How to Install Google Chrome Extensions on Microsoft Edge

Installing Google Chrome extensions on Microsoft Edge browser is very easy. Just follow the steps one by one, and you will have a Microsoft Edge browser with Google Extension installed.

1.Click on the three-dom menu from the right top side of the browser and select ‘Extensions.’

Chrome Extensions on Edge

2. On the right-bottom side of screen enable ‘Allow Extensions from Other stores.‘ A pop-up will appear, click on ‘Allow.

Allow to install chrome extensions on Edge browser

3. Now you have enabled Google Chrome extension support on the new Microsoft Edge browser which is running on Chromium rendering engine.

4. To install Chrome Extension, visit Chrome Web Store and select the extension you want to install. From here you can install any Extension onto your Microsoft Edge browser just like you do on Google Chrome Browser.

On our testing, we found that pretty much all the extensions work the same way they do on Google Chrome browser. It is also worth mentioning that as of now Microsoft edge doesn’t Google Chrome theme. Maybe in the future.

So that is how you install the latest Microsoft Edge Browser which is based on Chromium. I also showed you how you can easily now install and use Google Chrome Extensions on the latest Edge browser. I hope you liked this article. Leave a comment in the comment section below, and if you are feeling generous, then you can share with your friends on social media.

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