How to Set-up Automatic Deletion of your Google Service Activity

Google collects a lot of data about users. They say it is to give users the best and customized experience. Google has delivered on that no doubt on that. Google also sell those data to third-party buyers. Also, Google uses those data to target users with ads. There is a famous saying that “Google knows more about you than you do. ” with the kind of data Google is collecting making a lot of people uncomfortable. Sensitive data like your location history, emails you send or receive on Gmail, the device you use, calendar events, contacts you add and other information. Google is collecting these information for a few years now but the kind of data leaks and data scandal we hear in the news it is fair to say that people are not happy with what Google is storing. To address these concerns, Google has recently introduced a new feature where you can set-up to automatically delete your user’s data after every 3 months or 18 months.

Earlier you could either delete manually or turn off the tracking altogether. For many people disabling those features means saying goodbye to all the personalized services offered by Google and its partner. In my view, these 3 mongths/18 months auto-delete option is more effective than those previous options. Here is how you can ask Google to delete your activity data automatically.

Delete google user activity data automatically

How to Delete Google User Activity Data Automatically

Thankfully Google has made this process very simple and easy to execute. I will walk you through all the steps you need to follow in order to enable this feature.

Step-1. Visit and login to your account if you have not already.

Step-2. Select “Data & Personalization” from the left side menu.

auto delete Google activity data

Step-3. Click on the little arrow right next to the “Web & App Activity” option.

auto delete Google activity data 2

Step-4. Click on “Manage Activity” option.

auto delete Google activity data 3

Step-5. Now click on “Choose to delete automatically” under “Web & App Activity is on.”

auto delete Google activity data 4

Step-6. Now you will be given an option to choose from 3 options: 1. Keep until I delete manually, 2. Keep for 18 months, keep for 3 months.

Step-7. To delete automatically, choose either 3 months option or 18 months and then click on the “Next” button.

auto delete Google activity data 5

You have successfully enabled the feature where Google will now have to delete your web and app activity data after every 3/18 months. I prefer 3 months option because I feel 3 months is enough for Google to know my preferences. And also our goal here is to share as little as possible with Google.

There you have it, a small guide to show you how you can use the new feature by Google to automatically delete all of your activity data with Google after a certain period. I hope you liked this tutorial and found it helpful. Please leave a comment if you did or if you have any doubt. A share on social media is always appreciated.

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