20 Best Unblocked Movie Websites 2020 to Watch Free Movies At School

Are you looking for sites to watch free unblocked movies at school? Generally, school and universities block entertainment sites like movies, music, and video websites on their network. This prevents students from accessing all those sites from school and colleges. They do this to prevent students from wasting their time on entertainments and focus on studies only. But what if you have a free period and you have nothing else to do, and you want to watch a movie to past times. This is the reason why many students are now looking for unblocked movie sites online where they can watch unblocked movies. If you are also looking for online unblocked movie websites to watch movies unblocked at school, then you have come to the right place.

Best Unblocked Movie Websites for School Free

In this article, we will be sharing a long list of 20 free movie websites unblocked for you. You can access these sites from your school without getting blocked. All these websites that I am going to mention in this article are free sites, and most sites also allow you to play movies without registering. That means you can straight watch a movie without wasting your time on login or registration.

How to Unblocked Movie Sites to Watch Films at School or Other Place?

Before we move to our list of best sites for unblocked movies, it is important to know how to use those sites at school. As you know, most school bans students from watching any kind of movies on their WiFi or computer. In order to bypass that restriction, you need to follow the following steps to unblock movie sites and enjoy a good film at school.

Step-1: Install a good VPN browser extension.

There are many VPN providers that you can choose. Mostly we suggest paid VPN, but since you want to watch a movie in your school, a good free VPN will do the trick. We suggest Windscribe as its free account offer 50GB of bandwidth.

  • Visit Windscribe and create a free account.
  • Download its browser extension for your preferred browser and login.

Step-2: Open your VPN extension and connect to a server that is nearby you live.

Step-3: Once you are connected to a VPN server, visit any of the unblocked movies sites listed below, and it should open without any problem.

Top Sites to Watch Free Unlocked Movies at School

Every school and college has different firewall setting and depending on that few sites may or may not work at your school. That is why I am listing a huge list of 20 sites for free movies at school so that you will find at least a few working websites from this list. So, without further ado, let’s check out best unblocked movie sites to watch free films online at school.

1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix- movies unblocked sites

Popcornflix is among the best websites to watch free movies online without downloading at school. It has a growing HD movie library that anyone can access without registering or logging in. Here at Popcornflix, you can find all kind of movies in all popular genres. Not just movies, Popcornflix is also known for Anime and TV series. You can choose films from categories like action, comedy, drama, horror, family, sci-fi and more.

Popcornflix is free, and most importantly, you can access this website from your school without getting banned. By using Popcornflix, you can watch unblocked free movies from school or college easily.

2. SonyCrackle

Sony Crackle- Unblocked movies for school

Another popular unblocked movies site is SonyCrackle. This Sony-owned streaming platform is a popular site among school going students due to its unblocked nature. SonyCrackle has a number if latest as well as trendy movies from most popular categories. It also has partnerships with major movie studios like Lionsgate, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, and more. This partnership means you can watch all the latest movies as early as possible.

One of the main concern users have about any free movie website is that of the picture quality. You don’t have to worry about that about Son Crackle. Sony offers the best picture quality you can find with any free movies platform.

3. YouTube

YouTube- Watch free movies unblocked at school

Everyone knows about YouTube; it is the largest video repository and video search engine. On YouTube, you can find all kind of videos from educational to videos about cats and mouse; YouTube has everything. Schools all around the world are now taking advantages of YouTube to teach students. That is the reason now many schools have started unblocking YouTube from their firewall settings. You can take these advantages to watch movies at school. On YouTube, if you search carefully, you can find many full-length cinemas which you can watch for free.

Just by searching keywords like ‘full-movies’ on YouTube will fetch you many free HD movies. Also, you can find many YouTube channels where you can watch many free movies. YouTube is a perfect unblocked movies site for a student to watch unblocked movies anytime from their school.

4. Vimeo

Vimeo- best unblocked movies sites 2019

Just like YouTube, Vimeo is also a video platform where users can upload and share videos, movies, and songs. Though Vimeo is like YouTube, it is not as popular as YouTube. Due to this, many schools don’t block Vimeo from their firewall.

You will find movies on Vimeo by typing the name in the search box. There is no sign up required, and you can watch all the movies for free. Vimeo being a less popular video sharing platform, makes it among the top free unblocked movie sites.

5. Unblocked Movies Google Sites

Watching movies using Google sites subdomain is a trend among the school goers. I see why this is a trend, because, unlike other unblocked movie sites, Google sites ensure a close to 100% success rate. These sites use sites.google.com subdomain, and because this subdomain uses google.com in the URL, it is hard to block those sites without blocking Google itself, which is highly unlikely.

Using sites.google.com, anyone can create a simple site to share all kind of contents. Few people have taken these advantages to host and share unblocked movies. Using these unblocked movies Google sites, you can watch free movies at school unblocked anytime you like. There are many unblocked Google sites for movies which you can find from Google. Here are a few of my favorite Google sites for unblocked cinemas.

Google Drive Unblocked MoviesLink
Unblock MoviesLink
Unblocked Movies 66Link

6. Open Culture

Next in this list of best unblocked sites for movies, we have Open Culture. Open Culture is an educational media website where you can find educational audio, video, books, audiobooks, and movies. They have a collection of over 1100 free movies that you can download or stream online. Most of its movie library consists of movies that are educational in nature and/or have won awards.

Because it is an educational website, there is a high chance that this website being unblocked at your school.

7. Viewster

Viewster is also one of the best websites to watch unblocked movies at school for free. On Viewster you can watch hundreds of thousands of free movies as well as TV series and anime series. Movie library of this free streaming giant has movies from as old as 1960 to as recent as 2019. No matter what kind of film you like, Viewster got you cover. Not just movies or TV series, Viewster is also a great place to watch unblocked anime from your school.

8. Unblocked Movies Weebly

Just like unblocked Google sites for movies, Unblocked Movies Weebly sites are also very popular among the students. There are many Weebly sites which are helpful, and for that reason, many schools refrain themselves from blocking Webbly domain. By taking the advantages of this loophole, many people have created unblocked movie websites based on this subdomain. If you are a student and looking for best Weebly sites for movies at school, we got your back. Here are a few of the best Weebly sites for movies unblocked.

Unblocked EntertainmentLink

There are hundreds of free Weebly sites based on this trend if movies for students. We can’t list all of them here. You will have to search and find those sites on your own.

9. Netflix

Netflix- website to watch unblocked movies

Netflix, despite being a popular movie streaming platform, it often found unblocked in many schools. I don’t think I need to tell you anything about Netflix. It has over 13,000 movie titles and thousands of TV series. If you know anything about Netflix, you know how good the video quality is. Please check if your school also has this website unblocked and then you can use your old Netflix login to watch unblocked movies at school. If you don’t have a Netflix, then you can sign up for a free trial account and watch movies and TV series for free for 30 days.

10. Putlocker

Putlocker used to be a go-to website for many school students to watch free films and videos online from their school or university. Now the site is dead due to many copyright claims. Now the original Putlocker is dead, but there are many alternatives to Putlocker movie sites for unblocked films. One of the best alternatives that I found working fine just like the old Putlocker is the putlockers (dot) gs. You will find all kind of Cinemas and TV series, both new and old from this new Putlocker.

11. Tubi TV

The next unblocked site at school for movies is Tubi TV. It is an online on-demand movie and TV series streaming platform. Don’t leave the site already by hearing ‘on-demand’ becauseTubiTv also offers a huge number of free movies and TV series for registered users. We also must tell you that the free catalog of this website is not as impressive as others on this list. But for a movie platform which allows free movies at school, it is not that bad. Not just films, Tubi TV is also very active with TV series. That means with TubiTV; you can not just watch movies, you can also watch free TV series from our school computer or Wifi.

9 More Free Unblocked Movie Websites to Watch Movies Online At School

11 More Top Unblocked Movies Free Websites For School

Yahoo View


In conclusion, I will say that there are enough sites to watch free and unblocked movies at school. You just need to find them, and the above 20 sites will be the best places to start from. You need to remember that the purpose of this article is to find you websites where you can watch free movies at school, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore studies and watch movies. Use these sites when you have a free period and not when you are in class.

I hope you liked this article and found some interesting unblocked movie sites. If you did, how about sharing this article with your other school friends? The comment section is open if you are facing any problem accessing any of the above-mentioned websites.

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