Top 3 Best Online Free Online PDF Converters to Convert Files in Different MS Formats

Over the last so many years we have been considering making the use of the PDF documents on
the educational and office purposes framework. PDF stands for Portable Document format
which is best known to deliver the power of working at any place and in different mediums.
Today, it has probably become impossible to even think about working in an office or university
without the PDF.

But sometimes there comes a point when you get into the need of converting the PDF document
into the different file formats. This is the moment when you look forward to some of the
incredible and best tools of the online converter of PDF. Such kind of converters is best as in
creating as well as editing or converting the files in different formats of MS.

Right here we have compiled the list of top 3 best PDF converters which are available online to
better deal with the conversion task smoothly:


On the top list, we bring for you the name of Go4Convert which is one of the most top known
and best tools on the internet for the file conversion processing of PDF. This tool is completely
free to use and has been performing the task of different forms of conversions in the middle of
the PDF and so many more formats. The whole process of converting the document is so simple
and effortless to perform. You have to choose the file in the dialog box which you want to
convert and then click on the “convert” option which is given on the top of it.

The conversion process probably takes a few minutes but it all depends on the size of the file
which you are about to convert. If the file size is big, then definitely it will take some long hours.
As the process comes to an end, it automatically gets downloaded on your PC without any


Next on the list, we have the name of the file converter! This has been one of the
most friendly and simple to use PDF converter for beginners. It might be looking minimalistic in
terms of the design but overall it is so much productive to use. You can select your required
file format from the list of different formats that are available on the front page.

Plus this tool will be giving you an option, in which you can also select the source of the PDF
file right through the local storage or even the remote URL. As you have selected the target file,
you can click on the “convert” button option. The basic requirement of this tool is that it will not be letting you convert the file if your file has a size of more than 10MB. But all in all, we will be
calling it out to be one of the most ideal and best tools of PDF conversion files.

Docs Zone

Lastly and not the least we have the name of Docs Zone! This has been one of the most
impressive PDF conversion tools which are having all the capabilities of the PDF to Word file
conversion. It has been adding up with the user-friendly optimization in a simple manner. The
best thing about this tool is that it gives you complete freedom in which you can convert more
than two files in it. For adding more files, you just need to click on the “Add files” option.

Besides, the tool also offers the flowing mode option which is so much ideal for documentation
purposes. You can also view the exact model in which it gives basic importance to the
resemblance of two different documents. OCR mode has the ability in which it identifies the text
from the PDF and makes it turn into the editable Word format file.

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