Best Netflix Tips and Tricks that Many People Don’t Know About

Netflix, the biggest movie and TV series streaming platform, is one of the best things happened to this internet generation. I can not imagine my life before Netflix; it just makes being-watching so much fun and easier. Netflix allows thousands of movies and TV series from different languages and countries to be watched with just a few clicks and taps. Netflix is available in more than 190 countries in 17 different languages. That is a lot to choose from. Netflix is so huge that a recent study by a networking equipment company Sandvine claims that Netflix accounts of 15% of all internet bandwidth worldwide. That is a lot of bandwidth for a single streaming service. That shows Netflix is doing some good work but as they there is still room for improvements for the best also. In today’s article, we will show you some best tips and tricks for Netflix that you would wish you knew earlier.

Best Netflix Tips and Tricks

Best Tips and Tricks for Netflix

These are some of the best tips and tricks you can find online to improve your Netflix experience. So, without further ado, let’s check out these top tips and tricks for Netflix.

1. Add Rotten Tomato Ratings and IMDB Links

add imdb links to Netflix

Having a rating and expert opinion on any movie or Tv series make browsing Netflix som much easier. You can decide if something is worth your time or not within minutes instead of shuffling through the internet for review. By default, Netflix doesn’t support any of those features. So, to make Netflix better, we have a solution. There is a free tool called Netflix Enhancement Suite for Google Chrome browser. This tool is a Chrome extension that adds extra details like movie/Series rating from rotten tomato, IMDB link, trailer and reviews of the movie you are browsing.

This tool is free and only works with Google Chrome browser.

2. Ask Netflix to add your Favorite Movie or Series

Netflix is huge, but it still lacks some great movie and Tv series. Sometimes we hear about a movie or series and wants to watch it very badly only to find out that the show or movie doesn’t exist on Netflix. Why don’t we ask the source directly? You can do that accessing Netflix request section. You can request any movies or Tv series up to 3 at a time. This doesn’t guarantee that the Netflix will add that, but at least you tried.

3. Play Netflix Roulette

Sometimes we just want to watch a random movie or TV series without going through hundreds and thousands of movies and Tv series in every genre. At that moment we just wish that Netflix had a random button to find a good movie or Tv series without spending much time. Consider yourself lucky; you can do just that with the help of Netflix Roulette from Here you can select streaming platforms, in our case, Netflix and select a genre and it will suggest a good movie or TV series instantly. This website supports more than 50 streaming and TV network.

4. Watch Content from Other Countries

Content licensing is a tricky thing, many publishers including streaming services like Netflix have to buy content licenses for every country. That is the reason why you see some movies or TV series available in one county while they are completely unavailable in another country. Netflix also works the same way, many movies and TV series might not be available on your country, but if you open same Netflix account from some other country, then you might see that movie or TV series there. To get the most out of your Netflix, get a good VPN or unblocker and change your location to some other country and that way you can access movies and TV series from their country.

Due to a recent crackdown, many free VPN’s are not working well with Netflix, for a better experience choose paid VPN services like Express VPN and NordVPN.

5. Save Money with Netflix

This trick is especially helpful for college going students. So as all of you know, the base price of Netflix is not that cheap and if you are a college student, then that $8 a month is also a lot. What if I say, you can save money from your Netflix subscription? The most expensive plan for Netflix is $14 per month which also comes with UHD quality and 4 simultaneous screens. Find 3 more friends who are willing to save money and get a $14 per month plan. Now you all can use a single account with 4 different profile and split the cost. This way your monthly subscription is getting down to $3.5 per month and comes with UHD quality streaming.

These 5 were the best tips and tricks for Netflix. If you follow and implement these five tips and tricks with your Netflix streaming, then you will have a better Netflix experience. Please let us know how you think about these Netflix tricks.

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