Best Free Movie Downloads Sites to Download Movies Legally

Are you looking for free movie downloads site for downloading movies? What if I tell you there are websites to download free movies online legally? Would you believe me? I wouldn’t be surprised you said NO because many people believe that free movie websites are illegal. In this post, I will try to change that perspective by sharing some of the best free movie download sites where you can download unlimited films for free and legally.

Best free movies download sites to download movies legally

People are slowly but steadily moving away from movie downloading and favoring movie streaming. Still, many people like to watch movies offline by downloading rather than watching online. Watching movies by downloading has few benefits that you cannot ignore. Streaming requires a steady and fast internet, which is still a huge problem for many internet users. Offline film also means you can watch and share your movies with your friends and family. Once downloaded, a movie can then be stored forever without needing to connect to the internet. In my opinion, these features are enough to choose movie downloads over movie streaming. Now, let’s check all the legal movie download sites where you can download films for free.

Best Legal Free Movie Download Websites Online Movie Downloading

These are the best movies download sites where one can easily download free movies legally without breaking the law.

1. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle- Movie downloads legally

Sony Crackle is among the top free movie websites where you can download and watch thousands of movies and TV series for free. Sony Crackle is serving free cinemas for many years now and anyone to download or stream online. The movie catalog of Sony Crackle includes movies from popular production houses like Lions Gate, Fox Digital, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, and more.

Sony Crackle was formerly known as Crackle which was later bought by Sony in 2007 and rebranded it to Sony Crackle. All the movies and TV series on Sony Crackle are in HD and suitable for viewing on larger displays. This free downloading service is available in more than 21 countries serving millions of daily users.

Sony Crackle is undoubtedly one of the best sites to download free movies in HD for free and legally. Sony Crackle is primarily a streaming platform, but if you download their mobile apps for Android and iOS, then you can also download movies or TV programs on your device to watch offline.

2. Hotstar

Hotstar- Online bollywood movies HD download sites

If you are not from India then probably you never heard of Hotstar. For uninitiated, Hotstar is an online free streaming platform from India which is offering free movies, Indian TV series, and sports online. It is like Netflix for India but free membership. Hotstar has both free and Paid membership program. As a free customer, you can watch a huge variety of Indian movies and well as Hollywood movies.

If you are into Indian cinema, Hotstar is perfect for you to download free movies and watch offline. Don’t want to watch Indian/Bollywood movies, no worries; you can also download Hollywood movies in HD on Hotstar.

Hotstar can be accessed on all kind devices from Desktop browser to mobile apps and smart TVs. But to download movies from Hotstar, you need to use Android or iOS app and use the download functionality on the app to take movies offline. Hotstar is definitely a great choice for all my Indian readers who are craving for some Indian action.

3. YouTube

YouTube Movies- free online movies to legally download

YouTube is also a great website to download movies for free online. Many people know YouTube as a video streaming platform where individual creators upload videos for viewers to watch. Not just individual creators, anyone can upload videos and reach a wider audience. Many movie production houses take this advantage to upload full-length movies which can be downloaded for free. Because their production houses upload these movies, these are absolutely legal to download and watch offline.

On YouTube, you can find and download thousands of movies and in almost all languages. With few searches, you will land many YouTube channels which upload movies regularly on their YouTube page. From there you can watch online or download and store on your device for free.

YouTube is truly a good legal place to download movies for free legally. As you all know, YouTube is a streaming platform where you cannot download videos or movies in this case directly. That being said, there are many online tools which can let you download any YouTube movie for free. Here is an excellent article from TechRadar, which shows all the best ways to download videos from YouTube in HD.

4. Netflix

Netflix HD movie downloads website

You would be living under a rock if you never heard of Netflix before. It is the most popular online streaming platform for movies, TV series, Anime, and Documentaries. On Netflix, one can do free movie downloads in most categories in all popular languages. It also produces many exclusive movies which are only available on Netflix and not anywhere else.

Many people know Netflix as a paid service where you pay a fixed subscription fee every month to access its library. But if you have never used Netflix before, Netflix offers a month free access to Netflix for first-time users. You can take advantages of that offer to download as many films as you like. This website is available on all platforms, but if you install their mobile app for Android and iOS, then you can take advantage of its download feature to download movies on mobile for free.

5. RetroVision

Retrrovision- free movies download site in full HD

Retrovision is another legal free movie download site to download old classic movies. Old classic movies have a different fan base altogether. It is very hard to find a good source to watch or download classic moves. Retrovision is one such website which allows viewers to download old movies from the 1930s and onward.

You will feel the retro vibe right when you open this website. You will see it has a very simple and old looking layout with all the option on the homepage. You can shuffle through various movie genres such as Adventure, Comedy, Classic TV, Cartoons, Crime, and More. All the cinemas that you see on the RetroVision are sourced legally, so you are covered in that segment as well.

6. The Internet Archive

Internet Archive- classic movies free download website

Internet Archive is a non-profile organization which is like a history book of all of the internet content. It archives all kind of digital contents like movies, TV series, video clips, music, Images, Software, and more. All the contents available on the Internet Archive are free for anyone to download, and they are legally sourced. It is a great platform as a legal website to download films and TV programs for free. Here you will find mostly classic movies and movies which have won many awards. All the cinemas are kept organized by years and genres.

Internet Archive offers many multiple options for movie downloading, including torrent, mp4, ogv, and more. All these make this online site a great contender for online HD movie download.

7. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel- top movie downloading site

Roku is a leading smart media player setup box for your TVs. It brings smart TV capabilities to all TVs. It allows you to access all online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more to your TV. Roku does that by categorizing those online platforms as channels, and there are hundreds of channels in all segments. Recently, Roku launched its own channel The Roku Channel,’ this is a free online content platform for Roku where you can download hundreds if not thousands of movies and TV shows for free.

Roku has a partnership with many big international production houses like  MGM, Sony Pictures, Paramount, Warner Bros, Lionsgate as well as OTT platforms like Crackle, Hulu and Viewster. This makes The Roku Channel one of the best sites to free download movies legally. If you own a Roku Player you can use this service from Roku itself to watch free movies anytime you like.

8. Sony Liv

Sony LIV- online movies free download

Here is another HD movie downloads site courtesy of India. Sony LIV is a streaming platform which is built for India and Indians. While the main targeted audiences of this downloading platform are Indians, you can be still able to find many international movies mainly from Hollywood. Just like Hoststar we mentioned previously, Sony LIV also offers both free and paid membership. Most of the films and TV series are free on this platform while few American TV series and few movies are locked for paid members only. As long as you are sticking to movies, only you will be fine with a free account.

As I said earlier, not just movies, SonyLIV is also great for TV series and sports. To download a movie from SonyLIV, one needs to install their official app for Android and iOS and use the downloading option on the app.

9. Pluto Tv

Download movies legally

Pluto TV is an internet-based TV platform which aims to give traditional Tv like feel for online contents. Just like your TV, it also has many sections channels based on different topics. You can easily find channels such as TV, Movie, Sports, Tech, Anime, and more. This legal platform’s movie channels offer many free movies in many different genres which you can download or stream for free online. Pluto TV also apps for all major operating systems, including Android, iOS, Roku, smart TVs, Windows, and Mac.

You can download the app for Android and iOS to take a particular movie offline and watch the downloaded videos for free on the go. Pluto TV is currently available in over ten countries, but in our review, we found most of its channels are locked to USA region only. So, it would be effective if you use a VPN to connect to a USA server.


Here you go, top movie downloading websites to download HD movies for free and legally. I hope you liked this article. Have you used any of the sites mentioned here before? How was your experience? Would you recommend these sites to your friends? Please let me know your comments below.

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