4 Best Apps For eBook Reading On Your Phone or Tablet

According to the data from the American Labor Department, the average reading time for personal interest in the US is only 0.29 hours daily. This is no real surprise because so many things vie for our attention. Movies, social media, apps, Netflix, constant notifications, chats, text messages, emails, and other things all contribute to the general decline of reading as a hobby.

But sometimes you need to take a break from your favorite gaming apps and expand your horizons by reading knowledge-packed ebooks. And guess what? There’s an app for that. In fact, there are at least four awesome apps you can use. Let’s take a look.

Best eBook reading apps for smartphones and tablet

Amazon Kindle app

Android, iOS – Free and paid (per book, or $9.99 monthly subscription with Kindle Unlimited)

Kindle is the largest online e-book platform in the world, and it offers a fantastic mobile app. It allows you to download all the newest titles at discounted prices, and it provides some useful functionalities. For example, you can create easily accessible bookmarks in every book you read, and by tapping a word on the screen, you’ll get an instant definition or an opportunity to look up the word on Wikipedia.


Android, iOS – Free

This is a perfect app for people who want to read but are strapped for cash. It allows you to open epub, mobi, or pdf files and render them as beautifully formatted e-books on your mobile screen. But where can you get your reading materials? There are many great sites where you can download e-books for free (most notably FreeBookSpot) and enjoy great reads without shelling out a dime.

Serial Box

Android, iOS – Free

This app first came out on iOS in 2017, and now it’s also available on Android. Instead of downloading full e-books or audiobooks, it allows you to get episodic content in bite-sized chunks that will be just right for your daily commute. It serves all sorts of genres, and you get the first episode of each book for free. If you want to obtain further episodes, you would need to pay $1.99, but this includes both text and audio versions of the book.


Android, iOS – Paid ($8.99 per month)

Scribd is known as “Netflix for books” because it’s subscription-based service giving you access to over 500,000 titles for only $8.99 a month. The app allows you to customize your display, and it will offer up personalized recommendations based on the books you currently have in your library.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to find an excellent read for your mobile device regardless of the operating system you use. Make sure you download one of the apps listed above today to become a serious reader.

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