20 Free Anime Streaming Sites 2019 to Watch Anime Online Free in Full HD

The demand for online free anime streaming has spiked in the recent time. People who like to watch anime are now looking for stable platforms where they can watch anime online without downloading and for free. If you are among those people, then you are in the right place. I’ll help you find a few of the most amazing websites for watching anime online. As you all know Anime is a term which describes Japanese versions of animated movies and TV shows. In theory, every animated shows are same, but Japanese anime is different in a sense that Animes are vibrant in color, interesting character, colorful and stories that touch every aspect of the society. It is not strange to see adults loving to watch anime. This is the real beauty of anime. There is no age restriction. There are anime for every age group.

free anime streaming sites to watch anime online free

Even though Anime see its existence in Japan, but it is also appreciated in the west as much as it is in Japan. If you are from Japan, it is easier for you to watch any Anime series and movies anytime you like. But this can not be said for people who are not from Japan. Non-Japanese people find it hard to watch anime series mainly because there are very few cable TVs that airs anime and those who do, they generally few days if not weeks behind to the original release day of Japan. This makes anime fans desperate to find an alternative source where they could watch latest episodes of their favorite anime series without much delay. In this article, I am going to share a list of more than 20 free anime streaming sites to watch anime online. Remember these sites are free and many of them are legal/licensed as well.

20 Best Free Anime Websites to Watch Free Anime Online in Full HD

Like many of you, I also prefer online streaming over downloading anime because I believe that streaming online is more efficient and time-saving. If you have a stable internet connection, then I think you should also prefer streaming. And if you have a slow connection then I can only suggest you download anime for offline viewing. Anyway, let’s continue with our article for watch anime online websites. Shall we?

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll best anime streaming sites

Crunchyroll is the most popular anime streaming platform available for anime fans. This is also one of the few free anime websites which are completely legal. While Crunchyroll has an option for premium membership for premium content, it also has a decent collection of free anime shows and movies. Like many other established streaming network, Crunchyroll also flaunts its collection as a slideshow on the homepage. On the top, you can find various categories like Shows, Manga, Forums, and News. On the right side, you can find featured shows like Naruto Shippuden, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Chronos Ruler, Monster Strike, etc. If you scroll down a little bit, you’ll see another tab on the right sidebar which shows all the upcoming anime series coming on Crunchyroll.

While the free anime section has a quite a few selections, I still strongly recommend you to get their premium plan for $6.95 per month. As a premium member, you can always access all the title Crunchyroll has to offer. Furthermore, most of the ongoing titles are always available for streaming just after 1 hours of its airing in Japan. If you are a huge anime fan, you will never want to miss any opportunities to watch your favorite series as soon as it goes live. Still, if you are not comfortable with spending $6.95 per month, then you may want to subscribe to their 14-days trial to see if that $6.95/month worth it or not. And you can always cancel your subscription anytime you want.

2. Funimation

funimation watch anime online websites

Funimation is another among the popular anime streaming sites which are free and legal. Just like Crunchyroll, it has both free and paid shows. As a free customer, you are getting a wide selection of anime in all popular categories and subcategories. Its aesthetically pleasing web interface showcase all the features and popular anime on the homepage. There is a menu on the top position which includes tabs like Discover, Shows, Shop and What’s New. Every category has subcategories that you can access by hovering your mouse cursor which helps to narrow down your search. Want to watch Naruto Shippuden English dubbed? You can find that here at Funimation. Not just Naruto Shippuden, you find hundreds more series which are either in English dubbed or have English subtitles.

While free membership provides a variety of anime collection, paid members do enjoy few more features including full access to all anime title in full HD, access anime on multiple devices sententiously, ad-free video and early access to subbed and dubbed anime. The paid membership cost $5.99 per month, and if you want to try their service, you can opt for their 14 days free trial to see if the service worth your money.

3. Yahoo View

Yahoo View anime sites to watch anime for free

Hulu recently shut their free anime, movie and TV streaming and moved all the free content to Yahoo. Yahoo named the latest free streaming service as Yahoo view. Here you can stream all the free anime which was once the part of Hulu free catalog. Not just Anime, you can also view other free Hulu content like movies, TV series, Korean Drama and popular TV programs from TV channels like NBC, FOX, and ABC. The presence of free anime on Yahoo View is noticeable. You can find and watch several free anime shows from most of the popular categories. You’ll see several genres and tabs like “Recent,” “Popular Anime,” “Drama,” “Fantasy” etc. Most of the anime if not all the anime series are available in both English dubbed and subbed.

Remember this is still the Hulu library, you can access most of them for free but for full access you have to subscribe to Hulu premium or Yahoo View premium. Also, Yahoo View only restricted to the United States, but that shouldn’t be a big deal as you can use any popular VPN services to bypass the restriction.

4. Viewster

Viewster anime websites to watch anime

Viewster is a popular free online streaming company from Switzerland. Viewster is mostly popular for online movie streaming, but it also has a decent number of anime collection from all the popular categories. In the recent time, Viewster is seeing a spike in popularity among the anime fans as free anime site as the site is now focusing more on adding new animes to the library. I have had a smooth experience while watching English subbed anime for free. The anime library on Viewster is region specific. That means someone surfing this site from Switzerland will have a different catalog than someone from the USA. In my testing, I found that the USA has a huge selection any part of the world. Try to use Viewster from a USA proxy or VPN to enjoy vast titles of Anime.

5. KissAnime

KissAnime is the topmost anime website when it comes to free anime streaming sites. No other free site can compete with the KissAnime in terms of selections and user experience. It has a wide variety of anime in all the known and unknown category. KissAnime is serving millions of anime fans everyday from all corners of the world. KissAnime also one of the top anime websites to watch English dubbed anime online for free. One of the major reasons for KissAnime’spopularity is its ability to add latest anime episode to the library within hours of its official release time in Japan. KissAnime features all the anime in full HD and also let users choose the quality from 240p to even 1080p. KissAnime also cares its anime community by providing a forum an anime fan can discuss anime and anime series with other fans.

6. AnimeSeason (dot) com

Anime Season is a popular site for anime streaming among the anime fans mostly because of its clean user interface and close to the ad-free environment. This is the closest you can go inters of a complete ad-free streaming on any free anime websites. The AnimeSeason has an eye-pleasing user interface where all the major animes are generally divided into 4 tabs. “Full Series List,” “Ongoing Series,” “Most Recent Episodes,” and “Most Recent Anime Series.” Oddly AnimeSeason has no search bar, but the site is constructed in a way that you will find any anime series from the left sidebar very easily.

Anime Season has an inbuilt video player that lets you watch most popular anime series like Naruto, Pokemon, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, and many others anime online with English subbed.

7. TubiTV

TubiTV watch anime online mobile

TubiTv is another legal anime platform for anime fans to watch unlimited anime for free online without downloading anything. You will never get bored watching anime on TubiTv as they tend to add new anime series and latest episode almost every week. There is always a new one waiting for you as soon as you complete one. TubiTv is a completely free network with occasional commercials. Just like the Viewster anime site, TubiTv anime library also heavily depends on the location of your browsing. In my experience, the USA has more selection than any other country.

8. 9Anime

9Anime is another popular free anime streaming site to watch high-definition anime. This anime platform has a huge database just like the KissAnime. You can find almost all kind of anime series in both English dubbed and subbed. Finding a good website to watch English dubbed anime online and that too in full HD is not a joke. But with 9Anime you can easily find popular animes in the English language to watch for free.

9Anime has an interesting purple color theme web layout which will instantly catch your attention. Its tabs like “Genre,” “Newest,” “Ongoing,” and “Most Watched” make it easier for a user to navigate the site with ease. It is also popular because of its fewer ads nature. With all the features, huge database and HD quality videos it is often called as a Kissanime alternative. It is debatable whether it is an alternative to Kissanime in 2017 or not but many will agree that 9Anime is surely a strong competitor of Kissanime in terms of free watch anime online websites. I would surely love to know what you think in this regard.

9. AnimeLab

AnimeLab websites to watch anime for free

To continue with the theme of legal anime streaming sites, let’s see another site in this category, and that is AnimeLab. This legal anime portal is currently available in Australia and New Zealand. Its basic free feature lets you stream a wide variety of anime in different categories while the premium membership unlocks English dubbed and subbed feature. The most interesting part of this site is that you can find many popular animes for free which eliminates the need for a paid membership. But if you someone who doesn’t understand Japanese then you might want to upgrade to a paid account which costs around 6 AUD.

10. Chia-Anime (dot) tv

Chia-Anime is among those free anime sites that are bringing free, high-quality anime straight from the Japan for viewers all around the world. This top anime site showcases all the latest anime episodes as well as new anime series on the homepage which makes it easier for users to just jump into the latest episode without fidgeting. Chia also packs all the popular anime series like Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, One Piece, Gintama, Highschool of the Dead, Reborn! etc. which can be found on the bottom menu of the site for those binge-watchers. Chia anime is a treasure for on-going series as it uploads the latest episodes as soon as possible.

The quality of anime on Chia is on par with many premium top anime sites, and you get the option to download almost all kind of anime for offline viewing. The only downside that I found about this site is its pop-up ads which can be annoying sometimes. If you can ignore the pop-up ads, then this site has all the potential to be one of the best anime streaming sites to watch anime online free.

11. MaserAni.me

MasterAnime is the next site in this list of best anime sites. Despite being a free streaming site, it looks no less than any premium portal. It is not the look which is premium; the catalog is also on par with premium websites. The simple yet interesting homepage showcases all the recent anime series along with a tab for popular and another tab for binge-watchers. Thumbnails on this site are not just your regular thumbnail; it packs few informations like the title of the episode, run time of the said episode, rating and a play button. One thing that I like the most is its rating system where you can rate the anime which eventually help others to decide if they should watch or not. MasterAnime packs a whole lot of anime in the most popular genre, and almost all the animes are equipped with English subtitle, to say the least. But the real gem is the “Schedule” tab where you can see upcoming episodes with the upload date and time. This helps you to plan the day accordingly.

12. Daisuki

Daisuki top anime streaming sites

Daisuki is another popular website to watch anime legally. This company is owned by a Japanese firm which is bringing all the latest and greatest anime series and episodes for users around the world. Just like most of the premium network, you get to access free anime, but that is limited to fewer titles. For complete access to the anime library, you have to have their premium membership which is again is not that expensive. Daisuki has all the anime in very high-quality resolution, and most of the series have English subtitles.

Daisuke anime site also offers free Android and iOS app to keep yourself connected to the world of anime, and you can watch anime online on mobile on the go. They also feature a store to buy some awesome anime merchandise and collectible items. If you can upgrade to a premium account, then this could very well be the best anime streaming sites among all.

13. AnimeFreak (dot) tv

At number 13, let’s check out another great site for online anime streaming, and that is AnimeFreak. It has a decent number of dubbed and subbed the latest anime which you can browse by using the category like “Anime List,” “Latest Episodes,” “Latest Anime,” and “Popular Anime.” The site looks a bit busy which is not particularly good if you are looking for a smooth user experience. But it does get the job done which it is meant for. Nevertheless, it is a good place for watching latest episodes of on-going anime TV series and popular anime series without paying a dime.

While you are at it, I should also tell you that the site offers free manga to read which is not that common to see with free anime websites. If you can sacrifice with the user experience, then this site has all the ability to become among the popular anime websites to watch anime.

14. Animestreams (dot) tv

AnimeStream is a favorite site for many to watch anime online free. Many people prefer using this website over others because it is one of the most ad-friendly sites in the free anime category. On this best anime site, you won’t face any annoying pop-up ads or inappropriate banner ads. Fewer ads are always a good thing but what about anime? Well, AnimeStream got you covered there as well. It has an impressive catalog of anime spreading in a variety of categories.

If the anime catalog fails to impress you, then you can use the option called “Request Anime” to let the admin know about the anime you are looking for, and they will most probably add them to the site. It also made finding dubbed and subbed anime easy with the dedicated tab namely “English Sub,” and “English Dub” which is situated on top of the page.

15. GogoAnime (dot) io

User experience is the topmost priority here at Gogoanime. From eye-catching yellow design to app for Android and iOS, this anime site has everything for a smooth user experience. The first thing you will notice is how clean the site is yet it has all the information and resources on the homepage to start binge-watch without a second thought. It has options like Anime List, New Season, and movies on the top portion of the site. On the left side, you’ll find a huge list of ongoing series, scrolling down will expose genre tab where you can browse anime by your preferred genres. It has a dedicated option for dubbed anime which let non-Japanese people watch anime in the English language. It also offers an option to download any anime of your choice for free.

It is not just anime series if you want you can also find anime movies, cartoons, manga and drama. All these that I have mentioned above are available for free and without any mess of registration whatsoever.

Other top rated free anime websites list

Sl. NoLogoAnime Sites NameDescription
16AnimeHeaven (dot) eu1. Stream and download high-quality anime for free.
2. Good collection of English dubbed anime in various categories.
17Anime-Planet (dot) com1. High-quality anime, directly from Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Viewster
2. Read the manga, watch anime movies alongside anime series.
18Soul-Anime (dot) us1. Access a huge library of 3000 anime series and more than 50000 anime episodes.
2. English subtitle anime clips with both 720p and 1080p option.
19animenova (dot) org1. Watch English dubbed and subbed anime with HD video quality.
2. Read Naruto manga and watch Korean Drama as bonus.
20manga-anime-here (dot) com1. Watch variety of anime movies and anime series with subtitle.
2. Almost ad-free experience without registration.
3. Also, access a huge library of manga.


These are the 20 best anime streaming sites that I found helpful during my month-long research. With these websites, you can watch any kind of anime or anime related content. These sites are not just about anime series or movies if you want you can even read the manga, participate in community discussion or buy anime related collectible items. Most of the above-mentioned sites are completely free except few where you get both free and paid anime. If you want legal free anime sites, we have here, and if you are looking for completely free anime, we have got you covered there too. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Do let us know which one is your favorite among these 20 free anime streaming websites and why. We always love to hear from our readers.

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