Best and Worst Smartphone Tech Innovations of 2018

Best and Worst Smartphone Innovations

2018 is over; we only have a few days remaining to say goodbye to 2018. 2018 has been an exciting year for smartphone enthusiast. We have seen many new tech innovations this year. Smartphones are probably the most innovated tech so to say. This is a perfect time to revisit all those innovations introduced to smartphones 2018. In this article, we will be listing all the best and worst smartphone innovations of 2018.

Best Smartphone Tech Innovations of 2018

Let’s first see some best tech introduced to smartphones this year.

Best Smartphone Tech

1. In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

In-Display fingerprint scanner

The in-display fingerprint scanner is my favorite tech of this year. Last year this tech was a concept which is I am more than happy to see to be used in flagship smartphones. I can not thank OnePlus enough for putting this to their 2nd flagship smartphone, i.e., OnePlus 6T. OnePlus proved that this tech is mature enough to be used in a daily driver. Not just OnePlus, many other smartphone brands like Vivo and Oppo also implemented this tech to their smartphones. I have to say so-far OnePlus implementation is perfect. I am very much hope that this tech will catch in next year with every smartphone brands.

2. Google’s Duplex

As much as I hate to see AI taking over our daily matters, I am also happy to see how Google used this tech for a better calling experience. Google Duplex is an AI-based call assistant that can answer the call for you and do various commands over the phone. Google has nailed the voice part of this technology. Duplex can sound very much like a human being with natural sounding voice with natural pauses we humans tend to take during a conversation.

Google Duplex

It can also understand natural language and perform certain commands for you like: book a table for you or tell somebody that you are busy and they should call later.

3. Crazy Smartphone Cameras

This year we have seen manufacturers experimenting with different types of cameras. Like for example, Google continues to produce the best photos of any smartphone with just one camera while Samsung has implemented variable aperture in Samsung S9 & S9+ camera.

quad camera smartphone

Other crazy inventions such as implementing AI in the camera app to detect and auto adjust photos based on different scenarios. Manufacturers also had gone crazy with number of lenses on a smartphone. Samsung A9 is worlds first phone with 4 cameras; many others also tried to jump in this race by adding triple cameras to their phones.

4. Pushing the Bezels out of the phones

sliding phone

Every other brand this year tries to embrace the bezel-less trend started by iPhone last year. Only a few brands tried to push the limit by adding new functionality and new design. Some of the best examples are Vivo Nex, Oppo Find X, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. All these brands achieved close to 100% screen to body ratio by hiding Camera and other essential sensors behind sliding doors. I am very much confident that many brands will follow the suit to create a new market for a near bezel-less smartphone with sliding mechanism.

5. Folding Smartphone

Source: MKBHD

Folding smartphones still one area where our technology needs a full revolution. Earlier in October, Samsung had unveiled a tablet that can fold into half and can become a smartphone. This tech still in its early stage. The demo itself was very laggy. Nevertheless, I am glad that this technology is now in work in progress and I can not wait to see what this tech evolves in future.

Worst Smartphone Tech Innovations

1. Notch


Let me put it this way: I f****ing hate notches, and I hate Apple for introducing this trend. I hate brands that following this trend more than Apple. That being said, I can see why small brands with small R&D budgets can go for this tech. But I can not believe big brands like OnePlus or Google taking the same route. Many brands implemented notch with their own version and with little modifications. Googles implementation was probably the worst.

2. Missing Headphone Jack

no headphone jack

2018 is the worst year for those who like to listen to songs using earphones. Almost all smartphone brands removed 3.5mm jack from their smartphones citing less space. This is an excuse I can not wrap my head around. How there was space before Apple removed from its phone? This is just an excuse to force people to buy their wireless accessories. Almost all brands who have removed the jack now have their version of wireless earphones. This is a business tack tick to force buyers to spend more. I welcome Samsung for not falling for this stupid trend.

Final Verdict

These were some of the best and worst smartphone innovations and trend of 2018. All these views expressed in this article are of the admin itself. You are more than welcome to not agree with me. I am also open to your comments as to if you agree with what I had to say. Let’s keep the comment section busy. This is my last article in 2018. I will see you in 2019: happy holidays and a happy new year.

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