How to Add Google Chrome Address Bar on Android Home Screen

Google Chrome is among the best browser, not for computers for smartphones as well. It even comes pre-installed on all Android smartphones. If you are an Android user, you must be using the Google Chrome browser to search for anything you want to find online. Most Android phones come with a Google search widget pre-applied on the home screen, but what if you could replace that with something useful? What if you could search for something online directly from your Android home screen? Today in this article, we will show you a simple trick to add a simple search bar on your Android home screen that will allow you to search online directly on Google Chrome. Does it sound interesting? Well, if your answer was yes, then you have come to the right place.

How to Add Google Chrome Search Bar on Android Home Screen

The process is straightforward; all you have to do is add a widget on your home screen.

  • Long press on blank space on home screen and choose ‘Widget‘ from the options.
  • You will be presented with all Widgets from all different apps. Scroll down to the Chrome section.
  • Here, under Google Chrome, you will see a widget labeled as ‘Chrome search.’
Add chrome widget to home screen
  • Long press on the widget and place it on your home screen.
  • Now, whenever you have something to search, you can tap on the widget and search on Google Chrome.
Google chrome widget to search on home screen

This simple tweak will change how you search on your Android on a day to day basis.

Every time you want to search for something, you can do that from your home screen directly. This will save you the time that you would have spent opening the chrome app every time you have something to search. 

We hope you liked this short tutorial to add Google Chrome search bar on to your Android home screen. This might not sound a huge time saving, but as soon as you get used to this, you will understand how good this small tweak can do. Do you want us to write on some specific topic? Please let us know in the comment section, and we will write articles based on your suggestion.

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